EVOLVE Program

Preparing next generation E&P professionals to embrace digital technologies for project workflows

Enrollment open for 2017-2018 teams!

If you are a student, university professor, or company, contact Andrew Geary to learn more.

The SEG EVOLVE program offers students and early professionals direct experience in conducting multi-discipline subsurface integration projects using actual seismic, geological and wellbore data. Project management, teamwork skills and business values are honed within the context of exploration, reservoir appraisal, field development planning and production enhancement scenarios.

Part of a strategic collaboration between Halliburton and the SEG Foundation since 2014, this program provides unique learning projects in an interactive, non-competitive team environment that fosters global participation. These projects require analysis and application of geophysical/seismic, geological, petrophysical and petroleum engineering data and software technology, such as Halliburton’s DecisionSpace® Enterprise platform, to support integrated reservoir management, problem solving and decision making.

Benefits to participants

  • Work with industry leaders to create and execute modern E&P workflows           
  • Project-based, integrated training with real data to improve capabilities to succeed in today’s industry jobs
  • Recognition by industry and the SEG

Benefits to industry

  • Novel model for early asset-based learning
  • Accelerated contribution from early professionals and new hires
  • Access to a primed talent pool


  • Real seismic, geological and wellbore data
  • State-of-the-art industry software on a cloud platform
  • Instruction and guidance from industry experts
  • Access to Halliburton's DecisionSpace® Enterprise platform (see demo below)

DecisionSpace® Demo

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“Since the program began, participants have been tackling real problems and datasets utilizing iEnergy® cloud for virtual, real-time collaboration between scientists and engineers thus enabling multi-disciplinary teams to create and share a single, subsurface view across the E&P lifecycle. The approach offered through EVOLVE is fundamentally changing the way we learn how to find and recover hydrocarbons.”

Chandra Yeleshwarapu, Sr. Director, R&D, Cloud, and Global Services for Halliburton Landmark

“EVOLVE gives students in the beginning of their career a unique opportunity to work in real data as well as real “problem” situations allowing them to develop team work, leadership, and their skills in a learning and cooperative environment.”

Elita de Abreu, University of Houston; EVOLVE team leader

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