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SEG seeks to advance and promote the rigorous science, technology, and professional practice of applied near-surface geophysics.

SEG is recognized as the leading global society for applied near-surface geophysics. Near-surface applications are increasing in number and societal value. Sharing and communication of theoretical advances, technology developments and best practices are essential for the advancement and effective application of geophysics.

SEG seeks to advance and promote the rigorous science, technology, and professional practice of applied near-surface geophysics. Every year, the Near Surface Technical Section holds multiple business and technical meetings, as well as hosts a full suite of technical sessions at the SEG Annual Meeting.

In addition, many Near Surface Technical Section members take the lead in organizing special sessions at the SEG Annual Meeting, and special articles and issues for The Leading Edge (TLE) and Geophysics. The Near Surface Technical Section newsletter, Near Surface Views, is also published quarterly to keep members informed of near-surface developments.

While near-surface geophysics shares many of the technical and cultural attributes of oil and gas exploration, the majority of near-surface geophysicists practice under very different economic drivers and conditions. Further, the culture of near-surface geophysics maintains many unique characteristics not shared by the petroleum industry. The near-surface geophysics community includes scientists and professionals from academia, industry, and government. Areas of near-surface geophysics investigation include engineering, environmental, groundwater, mining, geohazards, infrastructure, geothermal, archeological, and agricultural applications.

"One thing is certain: The need to better characterize the upper 100 m of the Earth's surface is going to escalate to the point at which geophysical efforts (monetary and manpower) in the near surface will surpass those exerted in pursuit of petroleum" (Miller, 2011). 

Current Newsletter

Q2 2017

Upcoming Call for Papers

The Leading Edge
Unmanned autonomous vehicles
Deadline: 15 March 2017

Journal of Environmental & Engineering Geophysics
Exploring Geophysics in China
Deadline: 31 March 2017

Upcoming Events

SAGEEP 30th Anniversary
19-23 March 2017
Denver, USA
Abstracts due by 28 October 2016

6th International symposium on three-dimensional electromagnetics
28-30 March 2017
Berkeley, USA

AGES Congress: Geosciences applied to solve humanitarian problems all over the world
24-26 May 2017
Belgrade, Serbia

3rd AGU-SEG Hydrogeophysics Workshop: Imaging the Critical Zone
24-27 July 2017
Stanford, California

International Conference on Engineering Geophysics
9-12 October 2017
Al Ain, United Arab Emirates

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