SEAM Life of Field Technical Committee

The Technical Committee, with its Sub-Committees are the functioning bodies leading technical development of the project.

Members develop plans to address specific technical challenges and oversee execution of the work. Each Life of Field Participant may nominate one or more representatives to each Technical Sub-Committee.

While the Technical Sub-Committees meet as needed, co-chairs of the committees meet on a regular basis to coordinate their plans and progress. Technical Sub-Committee chairmen are appointed by the Technical Committee Chair, Shauna Oppert (Chevron).

Clastic Sub-Committee

Shauna Oppert, Chevron
Joe Stefani, Chevron
Shane Carley, Chevron
Mike Murat, Chevron
Scarlet Castro, ExxonMobil
Didier Lecerf, PGS
Cengiz Esmersoy, Schlumberger
Jalal Khazanehdari, Schlumberger
Nick Koutsabeloulis, Schlumberger
Christian Hubans, Total

Engineering/Geomechanics Sub-Committee

Vincent Artus, SPE/Kappa Engineering
Patrick Henriquel, Total
Nick Koutsabeloulis, Schlumberger
Vikram Sen, SPE/Anadarko
Tuba Firinciogliu, SPE/Nitec
Jim Gilman, SPE/iReservoir
Subhash Kalla, Chevron
Peter Connolly, Chevron
Scarlet Castro, ExxonMobil

Carbonate Sub-Committee

Yannick Schildberg, Total
Scarlet Castro, ExxonMobil
Hermes Malcotti, Chevron
Cody Miller, Chevron
Miles Frazer, Chevron

Geophysical Simulations Sub-Committee

Alexander Goertz, PGS
Dez Chu, ExxonMobil
Adam Halpert, Chevron
Constantin Gerea, Total

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Life of Field Participants

Life of Field Membership Agreement

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