TLE Editorial Calendar

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Month Special Section topic Submission deadline Guest Editor(s)
July Unmanned autonomous vehicles past due Johannes B. Stoll
Coordinator: John Lane
August Impact of compressive sensing on seismic acquisition past due Norm Allegar
Felix Herrmann
Chuck Mosher
Coordinator: Baishali Roy
September SEAM data sets past due Coordinator: Tracy Stark
October Microseismic 6/15/2017 Jim Rutledge
Coordinator: Julie Shemeta
November Reservoir characterization 7/15/2017 Wences Gouveia
Kyle Spikes
Coordinator: Mosab Nasser
December Fiber optics 8/15/2017 Mark Willis
Coordinator: Baishali Roy


Month Special Section topic Submission deadline Guest Editor(s)
January Advances in 3D seismic processing 9/15/2017 coordinator: Tracy Stark
February Induced seismicity 10/15/2017 coordinator: Julie Shemeta
March Permian Basin focus 11/15/2017 Dave Scolman
Glenn Winters
Jeff Nunn
coordinator: Julie Shemeta
April Latin America focus 12/15/2017 coordinator: Baishali Roy
May Geomechanics 1/15/2018 coordinator: Doug Foster
June Advancements in image processing and visualization 2/15/2018 coordinator: Kyle Spikes
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