SEG Global, Inc.

Jie Zhang, Board Chairman

SEG Global, Inc. is a for-profit company, fully owned by SEG, founded to provide strategic and tacti­cal oversight and recommendations to the SEG Executive Com­mittee regarding the planning, establishment, resourcing, and management of SEG's regional offices, and it is the avenue for future development of regional offices.

The SEG Global Board of Directors includes Jie Zhang (Chair), Said Mahrooqi (Vice-Chair), Rick Miller (Treasurer), Ricardo Rosa Fernandes, Alfred Liaw, Hong Lui and Said Sadyhov.

Primary Functions

  • Establish, grow, and manage SEG offices in China as an instrument of SEG globalization.
  • Develop strong working relationships with SEG Sections and Associated Societies and expand these relationships through proactive efforts to develop joint activities and initiate new relationships.
  • Create new opportunities for SEG through new business development and activities around the world.
  • Assure that SEG Global, Inc. operates professionally and in a sustainable manner.
  • Strengthen SEG global activities, leveraging the work of the Global Affairs Committee and other groups as appropriate.

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Society of Exploration Geophysicists
8801 South Yale Suite 500
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IRS Forms 990, 1024 and certain other governance documents are available upon request.

8801 S. Yale Ave. Suite 500
Tulsa, OK 74137
Phone: 918-497-5500

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