Continuing Education Courses

SEG offers Continuing Education courses targeted toward geophysicists of all levels during the weekend before the official start of the SEG Annual Meeting (13-14 October).

You can sign up for Continuing Education Courses and more when you register for Annual Meeting. Only want to attend CE Courses? Email to register.

The following courses have been approved to take place at the SEG Annual Meeting. Please note that courses and instructors are subject to change. Information about locations and times will be posted to this page once determined.

Early Registration Pricing
1 May - 21 August 2018

  Member Nonmember Student
1 Day Course $685.00 $785.00 $150.00
2 Day Course $1,145.00 $1,295.00 $300.00

Standard Registration Pricing
22 August - 11 October 2018

  Member Nonmember Student
1 Day Course $785.00 $885.00 $250.00
2 Day Course $1,245.00 $1,395.00 $400.00

Saturday, 13 October - Sunday 14 October

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Ambient Seismic Noise Surface Wave Tomography NEW!
Aurelien Mordret

This course will provide the basis for Ambient Seismic Noise Surface Wave Tomography. It will include seismic noise virtual Green’s functions reconstruction, surface wave dispersion curves measurements and inversion for a 3D S-wave velocity model.

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Basic Seismic Interpretation NEW!
Don Herron & Bob Wegner

This course provides entry-level training in seismic interpretation and serves as a foundation for intermediate and advanced geophysics/seismic courses.

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Business Fundamentals for Petroleum Geophysics (1 day) NEW!
Bill Abriel

This course is intended for anyone working in the petroleum industry who is interested in learning the tools and procedures of how the financial and information value of seismic data is used in production, decision analysis, reserves estimates, exploration, and risk analysis.

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Concepts and Applications in 3D Seismic Imaging
Biondo Biondi

The primary objective of this course is to provide a broad and intuitive understanding of seismic imaging concepts and methods that enables geoscientists to make the appropriate decisions during acquisition, processing, imaging, and interpretation projects.

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Full Waveform Inversion
Mrinal Sen

This course is designed for technical personnel of the oil and gas industry who are engaged or expected to be involved in seismic imaging, accurate velocity analysis and interpretation. Seismic Inversion plays an important role in building reservoir models by integration of different data types.

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Integrating Seismic, CSEM and Well Log Data for Reservoir Characterization
Lucy MacGregor

This course will concentrate on three contrasting methods: surface seismic, marine controlled source electromagnetic (CSEM) and well-log data.

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Introduction to 2D / 3D Seismic Data Acquisition and Processing for Non-Geophysicists
K. John Fernando

This course discusses the seismic principles necessary for understanding the concepts of seismic data acquisition and processing.

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Introduction to AI and Machine Learning NEW!
Phil Bording 

Machine Learning and AI are being applied to geophysics interpretation and processing problems and the SEG workforce needs education on how these methods work, and when to use them.

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Microseismic Monitoring in Oil or Gas Reservoirs
Leo Eisner

The goal of this class is to explain principles of microseismic monitoring ranging from single monitoring borehole to surface and near surface networks.

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Petrophysics and Geophysics Relevant to CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery
Bill Harbert

In this SEG two-day course the basic physics relevant to CO2 are presented, including the descriptions of gas, liquid and super critical phases (scCO2).

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Practical Seismic Surface Wave Methods: Basics to Cutting Edge NEW!
Julian Ivanov

This short course builds an understanding of and skill set with the method sufficient that participants can confidently incorporate the MASW method in their work.

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Rock physics, geomechanics, and hazard of fluid-induced seismicity
Serge Shapiro

Understanding and monitoring of fluid-induced seismicity is necessary for hydraulic characterization of reservoirs, for assessments of reservoir stimulation results and for controlling the seismic risk. This course provides systematic quantitative rock-physical and geomechanical fundamentals of these aspects.

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Structural Geology in Seismic Interpretation
Shankar Mitra

The course is designed for geophysicists working on seismic interpretation of complex structures, who need to understand the seismic expression of structures in petroleum basins, and correctly apply structural models and techniques to seismic interpretation.

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The Interpreter's Guide to Applied Depth Imaging
Scott MacKay

The course focuses on intuitive quality controls and quantitative spreadsheet tools to plan and ensure stable depth solutions during the iterative imaging process.

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