Near Surface Research Award

The SEG Near Surface Geophysical Research Endowment helps potential key contributors in the field of near-surface geophysics.

About Near-surface Geophysics

Near-surface geophysics involves the application of geophysical methods to the study of subsurface targets primarily associated with hydrogeological and environmental studies, earthquake hazard assessment, geotechnical evaluation, archeological investigations, and agricultural studies. Depths of investigation may range from less than a meter to approximately a kilometer.

About the Award

The Near Surface Geophysics Section of SEG is the founding supporter of the SEG Near Surface Geophysical Research Award endowment. The intention of this annual award is to provide a research grant(s) in support of an undergraduate or graduate student in good standing, enrolled in a relevant academic program at an accredited institution, and engaged in near-surface geophysics research. The award is intended to offset expenses directly related to the awardee's near-surface geophysics research; including field data acquisition, laboratory studies, specialized computer software, or other general activities related to the completion of the research program.

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