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Upcoming Global Events

15 Aug - 16 Aug 2018 | Houston, TX USA

Summer NAPE

In the upstream oil and gas business, NAPE stands alone as the biggest, best and most respected venue for networking with your peers and making deals. NAPE sets the trends and helps forecast what's coming next for the industry.

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24 Aug - 26 Aug 2018 | Stillwater, Oklahoma USA

A Forum on Infrastructure

A forum concentrating on unique challenges to geotechnical and civil engineering and geoscience and geophysics in the Central USA. 


27 Aug - 29 Aug 2018 | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

EAGE/SEG Workshop on Marine Multi-Component Seismic

This workshop will focus on the evolution of marine multi-component seismic and aims to deliberate over various technical issues related to the application of the technology.


27 Aug - 30 Aug 2018 | Galveston, Texas USA

SEG Summer Research Workshop: Recent Advances and Applications in Borehole Geophysics

The SEG Summer Research Workshop will include a comprehensive review and exchange on what is possible today by using sensors inside borehole. This workshop will cover drilling applications, salt challenge applications, imaging in complex areas, reservoir engineering and monitoring applications. 


6 Sep - 7 Sep 2018 | Norman, OK USA

Oklahoma Geological Survey Stack Play Workshop

The main objective of this workshop is to learn from researchers and operators in the STACK Play, with an emphasis on the Meramec Lime and Woodford Shale. 


17 Sep - 19 Sep 2018 | Beijing, China

Maximizing asset value through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

This workshop will highlight new ideas that arose during the oil & gas digital transformation enabled by AI and ML. It will explore the challenges, opportunities, and trends of AI and ML adoption in the E&P business.


24 Sep - 26 Sep 2018 | Dallas, TX USA

SPE Annual Meeting

For more than 90 years, ATCE has been the meeting of choice for SPE's members and other professionals seeking education on current and future technologies that help find and produce hydrocarbons faster, more efficiently, safer, and more cost effectively. 

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26 Sep - 28 Sep 2018 | Niagara Falls, New York

Association of Earth Science Editors Annual Meeting (AESE)

AESE will be meeting in Niagara Falls, New York, September 26 to 29, 2018. Phil Farquharson, San Diego Miramar College, is Chair of the Technical Program Committee, and Marg Rutka of the Ontario Geological Survey will host the meeting.


26 Sep - 29 Sep 2018 | Acapulco, Mexico

Congreso Mexicano del Petróleo 2018

For 80 years, CMP has contributed to forming and enhancing the oil industry in Mexico. This year's congress is being held at the Expo Mundo Imperial, in Acapulco Diamante, and is focused on the framework of an Energy Reform that is beginning to bear its first fruits, significantly changing the business model of the industry in Mexico.

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27 Sep | Houston, TX USA

2018 Oil & Gas Machine Learning Symposium

This workshop will explore developments and applications of AI and Machine Learning to upstream. Hear presentations and engage with thought-leaders from the companies pioneering machine learning.


2 Oct - 4 Oct 2018 | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Maximizing the Value of Geophysics in Unconventional Resource Plays

This workshop will address questions related to how the value of geophysics is measured throughout the unconventional asset life cycle, and how this value can be maximized and expressed in economics terms. It will include discussions on all geophysical workflows throughout all of the de-risking phases with a focus on operational geo-hazards, reservoir quality and completion effectiveness. 


14 Oct - 19 Oct 2018 | Anaheim, CA USA

SEG International Exposition and 88th Annual Meeting

The SEG Annual Meeting is the world's largest oil, energy and mineral exposition showcasing cutting-edge technology for use in exploration and associated industries. It is the premier venue for individuals to meet and discuss new geophysical technologies and their uses.


28 Oct - 30 Oct 2018 | Guilin, China

2018 SEG Borehole Geophysics Workshop

This workshop provides a forum for demonstrating and discussing advancements in borehole geophysics, emphasizing the application and integration of logging, borehole, crosswell, and surface seismic data.


4 Nov - 7 Nov 2018 | Cape Town, South Africa

AAPG International Conference & Exhibition 2018

AAPG, the recognized global leader in the dissemination of high-quality geoscience data and information, brings its International Conference and Exhibition (ICE) to Cape Town, 4-7 November 2018. ICE 2018 will gather geoscientists and petroleum industry professionals from 60+ countries to build their knowledge and skills, discover technology innovations and network with peers. 


4 Nov - 7 Nov 2018 | Indianapolis, IN USA

2018 GSA Annual Meeting

We look forward to highlighting the Indiana area geology. 


5 Nov - 7 Nov 2018 | Houston, TX USA

Arctic Technology Conference

ATC is a highly focused, international conference on the cutting-edge technologies and innovative practices needed for exploration and production in the Arctic.


12 Nov - 14 Nov 2018 | Tokyo, Japan

13th SEGJ International Symposium What's next? Technology for Discovery, Safety and Sustainability

The theme of the 13th symposium encompasses the role of applied geophysics in the sustainable development of human societies. All interested scientists and engineers are invited to join a diverse group of specialists for stimulating discussions in face-to-face meetings. We welcome the contribution of younger colleagues. 


12 Nov - 14 Nov 2018 | Beijing, China

2018 SEG Seismic Imaging Workshop

The focus of the workshop will be case studies, illustrating advanced seismic imaging technologies for complex and deep reservoirs from various oilfields.


19 Nov - 23 Nov 2018 | Hurghada, Egypt

Red Sea Exploration Workshop & Field Trip

The workshop objective is to identify the current state of knowledge and to advance ideas to help promote Exploration in the Red Sea Basin.


3 Dec - 5 Dec 2018 | Kuwait City, Kuwait

SEG/KOC Advances in Land Seismic Data Processing

The workshop aims to review the current practices of land seismic data processing in view of the advances of data acquisition technologies such as increase number of channels, full azimuth, long offsets, broadband, nodal systems, etc.


10 Dec - 14 Dec 2018 | Washington, D.C. USA

AGU Fall Conference

The AGU 2018 Fall Meeting will mark another dynamic year of discovery in Earth and space science, serve as the advent of AGU’s Centennial year, and provide a special opportunity to share our science with world leaders in Washington, D.C.


11 Feb - 15 Feb 2019 | Houston, TX USA

NAPE Summit Week

NAPE is the oil and gas industry’s marketplace for the buying, selling and trading of prospects and producing properties.


12 Feb - 12 Feb 2019 | Houston, TX USA

SEG ROI Forum at NAPE Summit 2019 coming soon

Attendees will learn about technologies that deliver solid returns on investment.


18 Feb - 20 Feb 2019 | Dubai, UAE

SEG | SPE Advanced Geophysical Applications in Drilling and Well Placement Optimization

The workshop will discuss drilling and well placement integrated workflows that combine subsurface information such as geophysical, geological, and petrophysical data for optimal well placement. It will bring drilling and geophysics into closer integration, including AI, IoT, geomechanics, and machine learning, and will explore seismic and potential geophysical methods for well placement. 


17 Mar - 18 Mar 2019 | Manama, Bahrain

SEG | DGS 3rd Near Surface Modeling & Imaging Workshop

The objective of the upcoming 2019 workshop is to follow up on the 2014 and 2016 discussions and address persistent challenges including: insufficient acquisition design, first break picking, amplitude preservation, surface related multiples, high-resolution near-surface velocities, near-surface geological modeling, joint inversion, and maximizing the use of non-seismic data. 


26 Mar - 28 Mar 2019 | Beijing, China

International Petroleum Technology Conference

The eleventh edition of the International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC) will be held from 26 – 28 March 2019 in Beijing, China. Returning to Beijing for the second time, this edition of IPTC is hosted by China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) and co-hosted by Saudi Aramco. 


15 Apr - 17 Apr 2019 | Muscat, Oman

New Advances in Seismic Interpretation coming soon

Please check back for more information


6 May - 9 May 2019 | Houston, TX USA

Offshore Technology Conference

The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) is where energy professionals meet to exchange ideas and opinions to advance scientific and technical knowledge for offshore resources and environmental matters.


19 May - 22 May 2019 | Xiʹan, China

GEM 2019 Xiʹan

GEM 2019 Xi’an will bring together geophysics researchers and practitioners to inspire discussions about the best practices of turning electromagnetic, gravity, and magnetics data into value-added information. 


11 Jun - 13 Jun 2019 | Golden, CO USA

AGU/SEG Airborne Geophysics Workshop coming soon

Please check back for more information


15 Sep - 20 Sep 2019 | San Antonio, Texas USA

SEG International Exposition and 89th Annual Meeting coming soon

The SEG Annual Meeting is the world's largest oil, energy and mineral exposition showcasing cutting-edge technology for use in exploration and associated industries. It is the premier venue for individuals to meet and discuss new geophysical technologies and their uses.

Learn more about this year's annual meeting


11 Oct - 16 Oct 2020 | Houston, Texas USA

SEG International Exposition and 90th Annual Meeting coming soon

The SEG Annual Meeting is the world's largest oil, energy and mineral exposition showcasing cutting-edge technology for use in exploration and associated industries. It is the premier venue for individuals to meet and discuss new geophysical technologies and their uses.

Learn more about this year's annual meeting


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