Students: Submit a near-surface geophysics article and win

SEG student chapters have the chance to win a prize of $250 for submitting an article to the near-surface geophysics newsletter Near Surface Views.

In order to encourage submissions of SEG student chapter articles to the near-surface newsletter Near Surface Views, a prize for the best student chapter article in the amount of $250 USD will be issued annually at the SEG Near Surface business meeting, held at the SEG Annual Meeting and International Exposition.

$250 USD prize for best SEG student chapter article
documenting near-surface geophysics at your university!

The submitted SEG student chapter article should chronicle near-surface geophysics research associated with the student's institution. Articles can cover ongoing, or recently concluded, as well as other activities related to near-surface geophysics.

Award Recipients

2017 Boise State University
2016 Eötvös Loránd University
2015 University of Kansas 

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Tulsa, OK 74137
Phone: 918-497-5500

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