Near Surface Resources

SEG offers a wide range of resources designed toward increasing knowledge of the near surface through books, media, and more.

ENG-ENV-ARCH- Applied Geophysics Athens Meeting 2017

All universities in Greece with Near-surface applied geophysics present various case studies. This video is a near-surface geophysics video produced by the SEG student chapter from Athens.

Near Surface Presentations

Historical and Conceptual Synopsis of Hydrogeophysics (PDF)
Dwain K. Butler
2015 Near Surface Asia Pacific Conference
9 July 2015

Integrated Geophysical Methods Applied to Geotechnical and Geohazard Engineering:
From Qualitative to Quantitative Analysis and Interpretation
Koichi Hayashi
2015 Near Surface Asia Pacific Conference
8 July 2015

Near Surface Primers

Near-surface, downhole shear-wave surveys: A primer (PDF)
Doug Crice
The Leading Edge
February 2011

Near Surface Postconvention Course: Drones Applied to Geophysical Mapping

Presented at SEG Houston 2017
Friday, 29 September 2017


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