Downloadable Maps from Geofacets

Geofacets is a geoscience solution that enables seamless search and integration of georeferenced maps from trusted sources.

The Data

  • Gives details about the subsurface structure, properties, composition and its evolution
  • Saves you time in searching for and georeferencing SEG maps for research or exploration purposes
  • Helps you make better interpretations and more informed decisions about geophysical conditions of multiple areas, protecting public safety
  • Maps can be downloaded and seamlessly integrated into GIS, and modelling & presentation software, such as Google Earth and PowerPoint
  • Narrow exploration focus and increase efficiency by assessing risk (exploration costs vs. returns)
  • Save time and resources, allowing explorationists more time to make actionable recommendations based on data

The Maps

The maps are sourced from the following SEG publications:

What users are saying about Geofacets

“If we needed to download, scan, and geo-reference 500 maps without Geofacets, that would be weeks of work. But with Geofacets, it takes us 10% of the time.”

“… if you are in the beginning of the exploration phase in an area, you are often struggling to find data and maps, and you need to find them quickly. This is the time that Geofacets can help a lot, more than other sources.”

“You could very easily miss keywords that you hadn’t thought about using. A lot of the useful content that I found in Geofacets, I would not have thought about looking for.”

Terms and Conditions

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  • Registrant may extract individual maps from the Geofacets-SEG Millennium Edition and upload them on and integrate them into his internal secure geologic software analysis system for internal and personal research purposes only; and
  • Registrant acknowledges that Elsevier as the owner of the Geofacets products shall have the right to enforce any non-compliance with the mentioned terms and conditions of use; and
  • Access to Geofacets-SEG Millennium Edition is conditional upon an active membership of SEG. Your access rights shall automatically expire upon termination or expiration of your membership with SEG.

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